Core Values


Our Mission

REACT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, aims to inspire and self-empower all people living with neurological disabilities through intense exercise and advocacy.  Our staff pushes the envelope of traditional therapy by incorporating strength training and mental toughness to regain independence and motor function.

About_-_Core_Values.1REACT is committed to being the finest neuro-recovery program in the nation by:

  • Hiring professionally educated trainers that are up to date with the most recent findings and developments in the spinal cord injury population;
  • Creating individualized training programs that aim to get the most out of each client based on our comprehensive evaluation process and core training modalities – which include nervous system training, load bearing exercises, standing and postural exercises and gait training;
  • Monitoring progress of our clients and training staff to ensure growth across all plains;
  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis, edema, pressure sores, depression and many other medical effects of a spinal cord injury;
  • Enhancing each client’s self-confidence, sense of well-being, and overall health;
  • Instill a motivating, strong-willed training environment with cutting edge trainers that push every client to reach their recovery goals. 

Our Core Values

We’ve found that when facing adversity it helps to be reminded through positive words of encouragement.  So stop hearing you CAN’T and focus on our core values:

BELIEVE – to accept something as true & genuine; believe you can

DETERMINATION – the power & will to persist; do the impossible, you have the grit so go the distance

AMBITION – a strong desire within; reach for your goals and when you fall get back up

PERSEVERANCE – the will to continue regardless of obstacles; dig deep and never give up

Our Philosophy

Restorative Exercise And CommuniTy is a two-fold commitment to ourselves and our clients.  Restorative Exercise is the pillar from which we train.  Exercises that imitate fundamental movement patterns of human development have been proven to reorganize our central nervous system, while repetition of these patterns helps fill the gaps.  The result is restored motor function.  CommuniTy is the fellowship of clients, their families, and outside supporters that are working together to bring change to how people view spinal cord injuries.  We lean on each other for strength, we share knowledge about an injury not known to most, we move others to get involved and together we overcome adversity.  

Our facility is a highly-specialized state of the art training center for individuals affected by SCIs and other neurological conditions.  We focus on neurokinetic therapies to help our clients regain muscle control and balance.  Our professional team of trainers have backgrounds in strength and conditioning, kinesiology and exercise science.  They have mentored under some of the best fitness professionals in the industry.  

We BELIEVE in activity-based restorative therapies and tailor each program to meet the individual’s needs.  With an emphasis on strengthening and restoring neurological function, we BELIEVE we can create progressively independent lifestyles and an enhanced quality of life for our clients.  

When life feels overwhelming or situations become intimidating, face adversity with DETERMINATION and support.  We’re here for you.  

We’ll educate, demonstrate and design exercise programs that adhere to the progression of each individual’s recovery.  We’ll guide you to set attainable goals and attack them with AMBITION.

Above all, we encourage PERSEVERANCE, particularly when recovery seems unattainable. Strength is best found in numbers. Our CommuniTy of clients, families, staff members, and outside supporters provides a resilient atmosphere to ensure an attitude that we will triumph over those who say we can’t.