"Its hard to beat a person who never gives up"

-Babe Ruth

If you have a narrow view of what's possible you'll miss the opportunity to prosper.  Crisis by definition is a turning point - where you can choose to push the easy button and live with limitations OR you can choose transformation and fight like your life depends on it!


The days of ICU, surgery, and inpatient rehab have come and gone, you've been sent home prepared to live within your limitations...a scary, undefined and often lonely path.  Don't let that be your story, don't let that be where it ends.  Don't leave behind who you once were, carrying on, just getting by, living but not LIVING.  Come join REACT where its about "us" rather than "our injury". 

At REACT we'll push you to defy all odds, to blow past the diagnosis of what doctors say your body's capable of.  Let the haters be your motivators! Be motivated by what you've been told you can't do...be motivated by your power of will, by knowing your part of something more powerful than those who say "we've done everything we can" and "you'll never walk again". 


REACT exists to maximize your recovery potential.  We don't see limitations, we see possibilities.  Results are everywhere.  Will there be bad days? Yes - that's life.  But those bad days fade as soon as you enter our door.  Let us take you from where you are to where you want to be! 

ORDINARY won't change the world

REACT is a multi-disciplinary neurological recovery center offering programs specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of people living with

Spinal Cord Injury


Traumatic Brain Injury

Transverse Myeletis

Multiple Sclerosis


Cerebral Palsy

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Other neurologically-based conditions