A neurological injury is one of the most traumatic events a person will experience.  Not only is your body forced to cope and deal with the direct impact of paralysis, but it must also deal with the psychological affects, physical pain, biochemical changes, hormonal imbalances...together these nutrition_thumbnailfactors can lead to numerous secondary health complications. 

These secondary health complications force the body to have multiple nutrient deficiencies, placing additional demands on the body for increased calories, protein, vitamins, minerals.  Therefore, eating right becomes even more crucial to meet your body's nutrient needs.

Food has an amazing ability to help restore balance in your body and enhance your overall well being and recovery potential.  To help you understand more about what food does to your body and the importance of where you get your food from, REACT has put together "A Nourished Life".  It is our guide to a more complete recovery using nutrient-dense, fresh, whole foods to nourish your body. 

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