Meet the HEROES behind our clients. 

The men & women who see beyond one's CONDITION to create CONNECTION.  A team who works for a CAUSE, not for APPLAUSE.

Together our team has over 60,000 hours of neuro-restorative training. Below are REACT's powerful team of talented & passionate professionals.


Jose Martinez, Jr.,  CSCS, CSPS

Director of Development

Jose Martinez, Jr. has been dedicated to the post-rehabilitation and sports performance field for over 15 years, with an emphasis in neurological injuries and diseases. Jose's strives to design recovery programs to progressively strengthen his clients' abilities and offer them a better quality of life, while respecting the guidelines set forth by the client’s healthcare professional.

Jose has a Bachelor's of Science in Fitness and Human Performance.  Along with his educational background, Jose has also acquired nine national certifications from renowned organizations in exercise and post- rehabilitation. These include the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Jose has a strong passion for helping clients and impacting lives. He also has a natural gift for building relationships that translate into trust and confidence. With his constant quest for continuing education and over 8,000 hours of neuro-restorative experience, Jose strives to implement the most effective exercises in his clients’ workouts, producing extraordinary results.  As a highly sought after first-hour trainer, Jose continues to improve clients' lives by providing improved range of motion and decreased pain in clients' shoulders - which tend to take the brunt of life's demands for those living in wheelchairs.


Matt Mitchell, M.S. CSCS

Legacy Project Program Coordinator

Matt joined our team officially after catching our eye as a volunteer.  He saw REACT in a news story and thought to himself, “this feels right”. Matt came to us willing to work and willing to learn.

Matt's educational path is a little different from our other specialists.  He holds a Bachelor's in Clinical Laboratory Science and a Master’s in Clinical Practice Management. During his academic endeavors Matt spent time working in the clinical lab at Dell’s Children’s Medical center in Austin and tutored for AVID. 

Matt's eye for technical training and natural passion to help other have made his transition from volunteer to specialist an easy one.  He's thrilled to join our team and plans to attend Physician Assistant school in the future.





Emma Repass, CSCS

Facility Director 

Emma, and her therapy dog Eli, joined REACT in 2013.  Together this dynamic duo has brought hope and encouragement to hundreds of clients and their families.  Emma's dedication is seen in her work on the floor with clients, her monthly Milestone Wall which showcases the hard work our clients have accomplished, our social media highlights - to name a few.  Since joining REACT, she's logged over 8,000 hours in neuro-restorative training modalities/techniques.   

Emma's commitment to continued education allows her to grow and develop her talents as a Neuro-Recovery Specialist.  Beyond her CSCS, she's an accredited ReWalk Clinician and is currently obtaining her MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) JumpStart Certification to assess and correct muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limited range of motion within the human body.

Although Emma is known for her tough love among clients, she's truly devoted to ensuring her clients get the most out of every session.  She is a firm believer that you only get out what you put in...there is no quick fix, only hard work!


Ryan Bachik, CSCS, TSAC-F

Tactical Program Director

Husband-and-wife team Ryan & Kendell Bachik live and breath REACT.  Together the Bachiks have built a dedicated team that thrives to provide an environment of hope and recovery.  With nearly 10,000 hours of neuro-restorative training experience, Ryan is highly sought after and continues to get his clients' recovery beyond what many say is possible.  He's best known for his overwhelming passion, tireless commitment to his clients and his love for teaching.  His vision has propelled REACT to where it is today. 


 Crystal “Tito” Molina, M.S.K.

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

The newest addition to the the team, Tito joined at the beginning of 2018 after graduating with a Master’s in Kinesiology. She first learned about REACT in her final year as an undergraduate kinesiology major at Texas Woman’s University. She began as a graduate student intern and  volunteer in 2017. As a graduate student, she had the opportunity to complete an internship program and assist on developing new studies with TWU. She grew to admire the commitment and sense of family that REACT has for its clients, community and employees.

Tito has worked with individuals with disabilities in a variety of environments including rehabilitation and recreational. She enjoys breaking barriers with clients to show them their true capabilities. She plans to get her certifications as a CSPS (Certified Special Population Specialist) and a CIFT (Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer) in the near future.

As a recent graduate of TWU’s Masters in Adapted Physical Activity program, she plans on bringing her experience and education together to create programs for our clients. Her commitment to helping others and diligent work ethic, mixed with a bright smile and friendly personality help to bring even more color to the team.


Crystal Merryfield, CSCS

Non-Profit Director

Hired through our internship program, Crystal transitioned into her role as a Neuro-Recovery Specialist with ease.  She now boasts over 2,000 hours of hands-on experience, fine-tuning her proficiency in nervous system activation, gait training, strength and endurance training, to name a few. 

Outside of training, Crystal's greatest accomplishment at REACT has been her ownership over and growth of our internship program.  As Intern/Volunteer Coordinator, Crystal manages all operational aspects of student participation.  She ensures the best candidates are interviewed and selected, that they receive hands-on experience assisting and training clients, that research projects and assignments are managed, etc.  Crystal prides herself in delivering quality training for her clients and a memorable internship for our students. 

Crystal's passion for post-rehabilitation has expanded into the physical therapy field and she plans to further her education as a physical therapy assistant in the upcoming year. Upon completing her PTA degree, she will play a vital role in developing REACT's Physical Therapy program - coming soon!  She's also studying for her CSCS. 


Aaron Akeman, CSCS, CSPS

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

Aaron, a.k.a. A-A-Ron, has spent the past 15 years helping people reach their goals in sports performance and personal fitness, working with all ages and fitness levels. Since joining our team at REACT he's accumulated over 6,000 hours in neuro-restorative training modalities and expertise. 

Aaron's CSPS (Certified Special Populations Specialist) certification through the NSCA adds to his competencies as a Neuro-Recovery Specialist.  This certification is for those who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate, and train individuals with chronic and temporary health conditions.

Aaron’s desire to see his clients succeed is what drives him, daily, to provide them with specific workouts to best meet their needs and desires.