Meet the HEROES behind our clients. 

The men & women who see beyond one's CONDITION to create CONNECTION.  A team who works for a CAUSE, not for APPLAUSE.

Together our team has over 60,000 hours of neuro-restorative training. Below are REACT's powerful team of talented, passionate professionals.


Ryan Bachik, CSCS

Director of Development & Neuro-Recovery Specialist

Legacy Project & Warrior Initiative Lead

Husband-and-wife team Ryan & Kendell Bachik live and breath REACT.  Together the Bachiks have built a dedicated team that thrives to provide an environment of hope and recovery.  With nearly 10,000 hours of neuro-restorative training experience, Ryan is highly sought after and continues to get his clients' recovery beyond what many say is possible.  He's best known for his overwhelming passion, tireless commitment to his clients and his love for teaching.  His vision has propelled REACT to where it is today. 

Shortly after graduating with a Bachelors in Exercise Sports Science, Ryan interned with Webber International's Strength & Conditioning program.  From there he went on to intern with Baylor University's Athletic Performance Department.  From these experiences, Ryan understood the importance of internship programs.  Thus, a year into his tenure at REACT, he created an internship program for students in the DFW metroplex to learn and receive hands-on experience in the field of neuro-restorative therapies.  REACT's intern program has grown to include 15-20 collegiate students annually.  Each semester, students studying Kinesiology, Physical Therapy and Adaptive Physiology are given a unique experience to intimately participate in REACT clients' recoveries.  It is Ryan's hope that we're helping set a new tone for neuro-recovery by sharing whats possible through integrative therapies. 

Ryan's latest achievement is the launch of his Legacy Project.  Pulling from his days of working with athletes of all ages - from youth sports to division 1 collegiate athletes - Ryan programs customized, high-intensity workouts for adaptive athletes. 


Jose Martinez, Jr., CSCS

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

I Believe Trainer

Jose Martinez, Jr. has been dedicated to the post-rehabilitation and sports performance field for over 15 years, with an emphasis in neurological injuries and diseases. Jose's strives to design recovery programs to progressively strengthen his clients' abilities and offer them a better quality of life, while respecting the guidelines set forth by the client’s healthcare professional.

Jose has a Bachelor's of Science in Fitness and Human Performance.  Along with his educational background, Jose has also acquired nine national certifications from renowned organizations in exercise and post- rehabilitation. These include the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Jose has a strong passion for helping clients and impacting lives. He also has a natural gift for building relationships that translate into trust and confidence. With his constant quest for continuing education and over 8,000 hours of neuro-restorative experience, Jose strives to implement the most effective exercises in his clients’ workouts, producing extraordinary results.  As a highly sought after first-hour trainer, Jose continues to improve clients' lives by providing improved range of motion and decreased pain in clients' shoulders - which tend to take the brunt of life's demands for those living in wheelchairs.


Codey Marshall, USMC

Director of Military Programs

Bringing a wealth of experience in the military, veteran, and nonprofit communities together, Codey recently joined REACT as Director of Military Operations.  Through programs like our Warrior Initiative, REACT is excited to revolutionize the care our veterans receive in the field of neuro-rehab.    

Marshall served in the Marine Corps from 2002-2006 as an Assaultman.  After two combat tours in Iraq, he returned to the civilian world and began his collegiate career.  He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a double major in Markets & Culture and Sociology with a focus in nonprofit management.  Upon graduating, Codey has continued his mission to aid veterans in their rehabilitation and reintegration into the civilian world.  His career in the nonprofit sector began in 2015 when he served as the Director of Development for the Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas.  He went on to serve as the Director of Military Programs at Cerebrum Health Centers & their National Foundation for Brain Health.   Long a supporter of the empowering work REACT accomplishes with its athletes, Marshall will be drawing on his years of experience to enhance and expand REACT’s reach in the military and veteran communities.  




























Emma Repass, CSCS

Neuro-Recovery Specialist & Director of Digital Media

Certified ReWalk Clinician

MAT Jumpstart Practitioner

Emma, and her therapy dog Eli, joined REACT in 2013.  Together this dynamic duo has brought hope and encouragement to hundreds of clients and their families.  Emma's dedication is seen in her work on the floor with clients, her monthly Milestone Wall which showcases the hard work our clients have accomplished, our social media highlights - to name a few.  Since joining REACT, she's logged over 8,000 hours in neuro-restorative training modalities/techniques.   

Emma's commitment to continued education allows her to grow and develop her talents as a Neuro-Recovery Specialist.  Beyond her CSCS, she's an accredited ReWalk Clinician and is currently obtaining her MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) JumpStart Certification to assess and correct muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limited range of motion within the human body.

Capturing our clients’ in their best light with their most expressive game face is Emma's new-found talent.  As our Digital Media Director, Emma loves photographing those precious moments where clients are defying all odds.  She utilizes social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to engage clients, drive online traffic to our website, and raise awareness of neurological disabilities.  Social media is a great way for families and friends to keep up with progress of their loved ones participating in REACT’s programs; as well as spreading REACT’s mission to help more individuals defy their diagnosis. 

Although Emma is known for her tough love amongst clients, she's truly devoted to ensuring her clients get the most out of every session.  She is a firm believer that you only get out what you put in...there is no quick fix, only hard work!


Crystal Merryfield

Neuro-Recovery Specialist & Intern/Volunteer Coordinator

As the youngest trainer to join the team, Crystal quickly earned her stripes by proving she's got talent to match her passion.  Hired through our internship program, Crystal transitioned into her role as a Neuro-Recovery Specialist with ease.  She now boasts over 2,000 hours of hands-on experience, fine-tuning her proficiency in nervous system activation, gait training, strength and endurance training, to name a few. 

Outside of training, Crystal's greatest accomplishment at REACT has been her ownership over and growth of our internship program.  As Intern/Volunteer Coordinator, Crystal manages all operational aspects of student participation.  She ensures the best candidates are interviewed and selected, that they receive hands-on experience assisting and training clients, that research projects and assignments are managed, etc.  Crystal prides herself in delivering quality training for her clients and a memorable internship for our students. 

Crystal's passion for post-rehabilitation has expanded into the physical therapy field and she plans to further her education as a physical therapy assistant in the upcoming year. Upon completing her PTA degree, she will play a vital role in developing REACT's Physical Therapy program - coming soon!  She's also studying for her CSCS. 


Matt Mitchell, M.S.

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

Legacy Project & Warrior Initiative Lead

Matt joined our team officially after catching our eye as a volunteer.  He saw REACT in a news story and thought to himself, “this feels right”. Matt came to us willing to work and willing to learn.

Matt's educational path is a little different from our other specialists.  He holds a Bachelor's in Clinical Laboratory Science and a Master’s in Clinical Practice Management. During his academic endeavors Matt spent time working in the clinical lab at Dell’s Children’s Medical center in Austin and tutored for AVID. 

Matt's eye for techinical training and natural passion to help other have made his transition from volunteer to specialist an easy one.  He's thrilled to join our team and plans to attend Physician Assistant school in the future.


Kristina Smith

Marketing, Public Relations & Veteran Services

Kristina recently relocated to the DFW area from Phoenix . Her background was originally within the Mortgage Industry, where she worked for many years as a Loan Coordinator, Compliance Specialist and eventually in Human Resources. With a passion for veterans and assisting those who have suffered trauma in their lives, Kristina was given the opportunity to volunteer with They Fought We Ride non-profit. Alongside her boyfriend and other passionate individuals, they hosted the Phoenix Wounded Vet Run. This last year while still in Phoenix, Kristina worked as an Event Coordinator for a motorcycle dealership where her passion for motorcycles, helping others, and creativity was magnified. Due to a job opportunity in the veteran community, Kristina moved to Texas and connected with REACT. We're so excited to bring her on board to assist us in growing our Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Client Services, Administration and our new veteran programs!


Aaron Akeman, CSCS, CSPS

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

Certified ReWalk Clinician

Aaron, a.k.a. A-A-Ron, has spent the past 15 years helping people reach their goals in sports performance and personal fitness, working with all ages and fitness levels. Since joining our team at REACT he's accumulated over 6,000 hours in neuro-restorative training modatities and expertise. 

Aaron is head of the ReWalk program at REACT and plays a critical role in developing strategic treatment plans for clients as part of our grant-funded No Athlete Left Behind initative.  Aaron has helped clients recieve over $55,000 in financial assistance. 

Currently Aaron is studying for the CSPS (Certified Special Populations Specialist) through the NSCA.  His CSPS certification will add to his competencies as a Neuro-Recovery Specialist who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate, and train individuals with chronic and temporary health conditions.

Aaron’s desire to see his clients succeed is what drives him, daily, to provide them with specific workouts to best meet their needs and desires. 


Liz Garcia P.T., D.P.T.

Clinical Director

Dr. Liz Garcia has joined REACT full-time as our Clinical Director and Physical Therapist to launch a clinical program specializing in neurologic rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation. Previously, Liz worked at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, where she worked in oncology, the solid organ transplant unit, the emergency department, and on both the stroke and trauma units and ICUs.

She holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. While attending she focused on neurologic rehabilitation and research. During her rotations as a physical therapy student she worked in a cell biology/ neurophysiology laboratory. She performed immunocytochemistry, confocal microscopy, and image processing for research on astrocyte neuroprotection after brain injury from stroke and traumatic brain injury. Liz believes strongly in the power of bench to bedside research for helping patients. She is a member of the Neurology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, and she is published in the field of nerve conduction studies. She serves as an Item Writer for the National Physical Therapy Examination.


Jen Brigham, CMA, Personal Trainer &  AK Amputee

Legacy Project Trainer

As an enthusiast for personal health and fitness, Jen feels right at home at REACT.  A non hereditary birth defect ( PFFD)  took Jen's right leg at a very young age, resulting in an above knee amputation.  Because of the many surgeries she endured throughout childhood, Jen quickly developed a passion for helping others.  

Jen has 10 years of experience in the healthcare and fitness industries. Frustrated by the lack of fitness opportunities for amputees, Jen began researching, studying, and creating fitness plans for others.  With her no-quit attitude she learned what worked best for her body as an amputee.  She lost 25 pounds and has kept it off.  Naturally, others started asking Jen what she did to lose and keep off the weight.  She shared what worked for her, and over time this led her to develop One Step At A Time Fitness.  Jen's mission in life is to continue living a healthy lifestyle, share that knowledge and inspire others to move forward with their goals: one breath, one moment, one goal - One Step At A Time

Joining REACT in the summer of 2017, Jen spearheads our Legacy Project alongside Director Ryan Bachik.  She will also be developing a new amputee-specific training program, launching in 2018.


Matt Talley, D.C.

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

Dr. Matthew Talley earned his Bachelors of Science in Public Speaking with a passion for ministry.  This led him to Duke University where he began his graduate degree in Theology.  Upon receiving his Master of Divinity in Education he felt a call to serve those suffering in Thailand following the deviating tsunami of 2004.  He and his wife moved to Thailand where they focused their work at the largest church in Southeast Asia.  This experience awakened him to an extreme world of tragedy and suffering. For many life-changing years, he dedicated himself  to the restoration of lives. His graduate degree in education allowed Matt to attain a teaching visa and remain in Asia beyond his original religious visa. Matt began full-time teaching and leadership at a large international school. With more than 1,000 students, Matt was recognized as one of the most effective teachers, being promoted to Department Head.

Upon returning to the U.S. he noticed his mental health deteriorate. His diagnosis was Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), the result of seeing radical international mission and relief work.  In an effort to take control over his future, Matt went back to school and earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic and is working toward completion of his Diplomat in Functional Neurology.  He is committed to developing and implementing effective neuroscience methodologies to alleviate suffering for those that have experienced trauma in their lives leading to compromised neurological health.  His mission is to bridge faith-based organizations with trusted neuro-rehab professionals.