Program Options

REACT offers the following training programs.  Our expertise includes the following injuries & diseases:

Spinal Cord Injury

Transverse Myelitis

Traumatic Brain Injury


Multiple Sclerosis

Cerebral Palsy


**Contact us regarding other specific infections and diseases of the brain and/or spinal cord.


Neuro-Restorative Program                         $100/hour

This is our elite one-on-one training program offering customized training prescriptions.  The focus is on restoring motor function, building strength and enhancing overall independence. Sessions are typically two hours, during which we tap into the plasticity of the nervous system to enhance neuromuscluar re-education of movement, balance, coordination, posture and proprioception. 

Programs are tailored around:

  • Nervous System / Neuromuscular Training
  • Active Load-Bearing
  • Development / Stabilization Training
  • Strength Training
  • Range of Motion / Flexibility Training
  • Balance & Core Training
  • Coordination & Balance Training


I Believe Program (Group Training)  $1,500/3 months

Are you motivated to get back in the gym but need a skilled trainer who understands your abilities? This program is for anyone looking to increase their endurance, independence and overall strength.  Through the I Believe program, individuals can gain access to our equipment and trainers at a fraction of the normal cost.  Rather than paying $100/hour, participants who sign up for I Believe pay $1,500 to train twice weekly for 3 months.  In a group setting, our skilled neuro-recovery specialists will uniquely modify 2 hour workouts according to each person's goals and capabilities.  With set-ups from your wheelchair, a box or table, a standing frame and more - be prepared to get in the best shape of your life.

  • Hypertrophy & Conditioning
  • Strength & Endurance Development
  • Cardiovascular Training


Legacy Project (Group Training)                 no charge

The Legacy Project's training approach is similar to I Believe, focusing on building endurance, strength and cardiovascular health.  Are you exhausted or intimidated by the thought of going to the grocery store alone, taking your kids to the park, meeting friends somewhere you've never been?  After completing the Legacy Project, clients say their fears are a thing of the past and they and have more confidence and strength to take on daily activities.  Individuals can apply and, if selected, be paired with a donor who sponsors them through a 12 week transformation of their mental and physical health.  Modifying each exercise to appropriately challenge each Titan, the Legacy Project helps individuals realize their full potential.  For more on Legacy Project, click the Legacy Project tab.

We encourage participants of the Legacy Project to sign up for I Believe after completing their 12 weeks.  This will maximize progress and provide a combined total of 6 months of specialized training at a total out-of-pocket cost of $1, truly can't beat this deal!


Additional gait training options are available!


ICARE Gait Training System                           $50/houricare

This training regimen is ideal for individuals craving that feeling of being back in the gym, with the crucial task-specific repetition necessary for nervous system training (neuroplasticity).  This body-weight suspension elliptical is great when added to our Neuro-Restorative Training Program or as a stand alone training method.

  • Elliptical Gait Training
  • Active Load-Bearing
  • Enhanced Neuroplasticity Training






ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton                        $100/hour

The ReWalk offers clients gait training in a wearable exoskeleton with motors at the hip and knee joints.  This program is great for individual's looking for that upright walking experience, allowing the individual to work on walking speed and distance, fluidity, balance and coordination.  The battery powered bionic legs move in response to the user's subtle changes in his/her center of gravity.  A forward tilt initiates the first step and repeated body shifting generates a sequence of steps. 

  • Gait Trainingmatt