This is our elite one-on-one training program offering customized training prescriptions.  The focus is on restoring motor function, building strength and enhancing overall independence. A two-hour neurological evaluation helps identify motor and sensory deficits, which is then combined with our Developmental Activity Scale evaluation to create a baseline.  The cost is $200 and is required for admission into this program.  From there, sessions are typically two hours for non-ambulatory clients and one hour for ambulatory clients, during which we tap into the plasticity of the nervous system to enhance neuromuscular re-education of movement, balance, coordination, posture and proprioception.  We recommend 2-3 weekly sessions.  Click to apply.

Programs are tailored around:


This is our clinical neuroscience program aimed to enhance quality of life and overall physical function for people living with brain health conditions like dizziness, balance and movement disorders, concussion, mild TBI, to name a few. 

Intensity matters when trying to create durable pathways for neural adaptation, thus this program is designed to vigorously harness the power of neuroplasticity for therapeutic outcomes.  A 3 hour diagnostic and neurological examination allow our team to identify what parts of the brain present functional deficits, where gait and postural corrections are most needed, and which holistic therapies can best accompany quality of life gains.  From this a custom treatment is carefully created to yield the greatest gains within each individual's recovery timeline.  From experience, this program structure works best when executed over 2 consecutive weeks - 10 days, weekends excluded.  We will work with each individual to reschedule routine appointments occurring during the 2 week period.  For outside appointments and obligations that support your rehabilitation goals, our team will work with you to accommodate a stress-free schedule. 

We offer a 6 week transformative program that builds upon the 2 week intensive, by continuing with three weekly sessions and tapering down.  We also offer an a-la-carte approach for individuals who are unable to complete our intensive and transformative models.  We follow up with all clients at 1 and 3 months.  Click to apply 


The Legacy Project is a unique group training program for adaptive athletes.  The idea was conceptualized by our Director Ryan Bachik.  He brought on specialists Matt Mitchell and Jen Brigham to help give life to the program and ensure that REACT quality training standards are met while delivering a high-intensity dynamic group training.  The Legacy Project is internally funded through our passionate donors and thus has no cost to the participants. Participants experience 72 hours of training every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10am - 12pm -- some weeks working individually to strengthen and improve upon goals set by each athlete and other weeks in groups to grow a bond that lives on past the 12 week program. Building confidence, endurance, strength and relationships, each athlete is given a unique opportunity to overcome their physical limitations and inspire others to achieve what many view as impossible.

The focusing on building endurance, strength and cardiovascular health.  Are you exhausted or intimidated by the thought of going to the grocery store alone, taking your kids to the park, meeting friends somewhere you've never been?  After completing the Legacy Project, clients say their fears are a thing of the past and they and have more confidence and strength to take on daily activities.  For more on Legacy Project, click the Legacy Project tab.


Additional gait training options are available!



This training regimen is ideal for individuals craving that feeling of being back in the gym, with the crucial task-specific repetition necessary for nervous system training (neuroplasticity).  This body-weight suspension elliptical is great when added to our Neuro-Restorative Training Program or as a stand alone training method.

  • Elliptical Gait Training
  • Active Load-Bearing
  • Enhanced Neuroplasticity Training



The ReWalk offers clients gait training in a wearable exoskeleton with motors at the hip and knee joints.  This program is great for individual's looking for that upright walking experience, allowing the individual to work on walking speed and distance, fluidity, balance and coordination.  The battery powered bionic legs move in response to the user's subtle changes in his/her center of gravity.  A forward tilt initiates the first step and repeated body shifting generates a sequence of steps. 

  • Gait Trainingmatt