Warrior Initiative 

The Warrior Initiative is a 12 week program that includes:

  • Medical Director Consult – an initial consultation with our Medical Director is required so we can provide medical oversight for each veteran’s treatment plan 
  • Neurological / Vestibular Rehab – to improve physical and mental function each veteran will have individually scheduled therapy with our DPT & DC.
  • Adaptive Strength Training – to elevate quality of life and group comradery, each group will train together for 6 hours a week, incorporating elements of strength training and sport. 
  • Biological Blood Analysis and Supplementation – a team of functional medicine practitioners will draw blood, assess and provide a comprehensive plan of care as it relates to how each veteran’s body is reacting to medications, allergies, hormonal imbalances, etc. 
  • Mental Health Counseling – to initiate a conversation about the benefits of counseling, counselors will hold group sessions to address any PTS, chemical dependency, family counseling, or other needs that each veteran may be battling alongside their neurological injury.

Program enrollment is ongoing; however, there are only 3 Warrior Initiative groups annually.  Groups rotate on for 12 weeks, then off for 3-4 while our team prepares for the next group and selects new applicants, and back on for 12 weeks.  Program operations, funding and placement will all be overseen by Executive Director, Kendell Bachik, and Director of Military Operations, Codey Marshall. 

If you'd like to apply to our Warrior Initiaive, please complete our application by clicking below. 


You will not hear back from us regarding placement into the program until we get closer to the next available 12 week group.  Please feel free to call regarding program specifics or your eligiblity/placement into the Warrior Initiative at any time!