Direct Impact Grant: No Athlete Left Behind

REACT has established a fund to assist with the cost of ongoing therapy.  To apply for financial assistance through our No Athlete Left Behind fund, you must meet the following criteria:



    • Fund 20 hours on your own  

      We have resources to assist, so please ask us! We understand that 20 hours is a commitment, but you must demonstrate you are willing to put in the effort before we make an investment!  

    • Agree to allow REACT to use your physical likeness on social media and marketing platforms.  At the end of the scholarship, you will be asked to provide a video testimonial (filmed by REACT) to share how you feel the experience impacted your recovery. 

    • Agree to participate in REACT social events to help bring awareness to adaptive fitness and the power of community and exercise.

    • Average annual household income less than $50,000.


We suggest you complete the application as you work toward fulfilling the eligibility requirement of 20 hours.  Click here to download the full application.