Athletes & Their Sponsors

The Legacy Project is a free program offered to applicants. Using the talents and training methods that are our cornerstone, the Legacy Project is a 12 week high-intensity, group training program that combines strength training and sport. Participants are given a unique opportunity to overcome their physical limitations and inspire others to achieve what many view as impossible.   
Director Ryan Bachik and Specialist's Matt Mitchell & Jen Brigham program customized training programs tailored specially to each athlete's abilities and personal goals.  A team of passionate interns and volunteers aid Ryan, Matt and Jen to ensure each athlete receives the attention and guidance necessary.  If an exercise ends up being too challenging, it is modified on the spot to ensure athletes succeed rather than face defeat. 

Each athlete experiences an immediate evolution of mind and body.  We mentor them to become role models in the community, who lead by example.  By the end of 12 weeks, each has transformed mentally and physically leaving with a toolbox of new competencies for a healthier sustainable lifestyle and improved quality of life.
Using sensory integrative equipment, pneumatic air systems, body-weight supportive modalities, electric stimulation and more, we’ve created an adaptive yet powerful strength training program uniquely catered toward training the dysfunctions of a compromised nervous system. The result yields therapeutic advances beyond the norm.

If you would like to apply for our Legacy Project, please complete and return this application. 



Legacy Project sponsors make this initiative possible.  Without their financial commitment to our Titans, these athletes miss out on an opportunity to defy their diagnosis and overcome undeniable adversity. 



Legacy Project sponsors are asked to make a one year commitment to this initiative. Every 12 weeks, sponsors are paired with a Titan whose training costs are covered by a $4,000 contribution. Please use the button above to create your legacy and change a life!


We sincerely thank our Legacy Project sponsors,


Ryan & Kendell Bachik



Want to join the Legacy Project as a volunteer or intern? Contact us!