Veteran Services

There is a widening gap in our medical system's ability to care for the thousands of veterans suffering traumatic injuries due to our current war on terror.  Improvements in protective body armor have allowed veterans to survive blasts that would otherwise be fatal.  An increase in how many tours our veterans are serving is further contributing to the increase in neurological injuries.  The following illustrates the percentage of casualties per branch in Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom: 


  • Of these casualties - 75% are caused by explosive mechanisms (vs. gun-shot)
  • 60% of all blast exposure results in traumatic brain injury (or TBI), of which the majority are classified as mild TBI.
    • blast-induced TBI (bTBI) are the result of multiple tours, higher rates of exposure to blasts and higher survival rates, and in many cases veterans are concurrently diagnosed with PTS

This means we, as a medical community, must move away from traditional targeted rehab models that only treat one aspect of injury at a time; and embrace the holistic, multimodal models to create real outcomes for our veterans.  Research supports traditional rehab models are failing!  And sadly, not only are they failing, the focus has shifted away from spending time to carefully diagnose and treat patients.    

TRADITIONAL­ = further disable + crush hope: give ‘em drugs & send ‘em home.    

REACT = empower + restore hope: combine intake diagnostics with comprehensive blood analysis, physical and neurological exams to customize treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs…which are then executed with care by passionate experts. 

We are taking newly published scientific knowledge about the remarkable plasticity of the brain & central nervous system, and implementing strategic principles and interventions to provide unmatched results while restoring hope.  Our training facility offers over 8,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art training equipment for individuals with neurological injuries.  Our team combines what we learn from the medical and neuro-science communities with what know from our own work in the field to create a uniquely comprehensive treatment plan that maximizes recovery while effectively managing symptoms.  

REACT has several programs specifically tailored for veterans.  For more information on each, visit our Program Options tab or directly click on the Phoenix Initiative or Warrior Initiative pages.  For veterans with spinal cord injuries, apply for our Neuro-Restorative program and click the box indicating prior military service.