REACT offers a comprehensive multi-modal approach to neurological recovery through a blend of neuroscience & strength training principles using a team of passionate medical professionals and strength coaches


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Neuro-Restorative Program


Designed to push the envelope, our comprehensive Neuro-Restorative model blends principles of targeted plasticity and strength training to offer a fully customized treatment program.  Our physical therapist performs a comprehensive neurological evaluation and then works with our team of CSCS certified Neuro-Recovery Specialists to execute evidence-based protocols that deliver results beyond the norm.

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Would you like to make a difference in someone's life by donating to REACT's scholarship program? This link allows you to make a tax-deductible donation in support of our No Athlete Left Behind scholarship for individuals and families in need of financial support.  



 Phoenix Initiative



The Warrior Initiative offers accelerated recovery options to our veterans through treatment plans that combine aspects of functional neurology, vestibular rehab and strength training. 

As improvements in protective body armor are allowing more veterans to survive blasts that would otherwise be fatal, we're seeing a widening gap in medical care for veterans living with blast-induced TBIs, coupled by PTS.  Multiple tours is also adding to the increase in vestibular and neurological injuries veterans are experiencing.  To address the unique needs and concerns in serving this community, REACT created 2 comprehensive neurological recovery programs tailored specifically to our veterans needs.

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The Legacy Project


Designed to build group camaraderie while targeting upper body/core strength and improved endurance/cardiovascular health, our Legacy Project is a powerful 12 week, high-intensity training camp sponsored by passionate donors.

Enrollment is open year-round with 3 annual classes.  Each class consists of 6-10 adaptive athletes with amputations and/or neurological conditions.

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Would you like to sponsor an athlete in our next Legacy Project? Each individual's 12 week journey cost $4,000.  Your name or company will be featured on the shirts worn by the athlete's, in gratitude of your contribution.  All donations are tax-deductible.


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