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1-1 Training

offered in-person at our training facility in Dallas, Texas


virtually via zoom


for local and visiting clients, memberships are in-house add-on services to maximize your recovery


for trainers, therapists and other professionals looking to elevate your career, we offer personalized guidance across body and mind

programs & memberships


Neurological injury and disease force the body into a state of fight or flight, creating implosion, tone, spasticity and poor compensation patterns that get in the way of recovery and performance. The Bachik Methods system of training aims to slowly unlock and release neurological dysfunction to relieve the body of constant stress and pain while improving functional capacity, mindset and independence.

The science supports that mass repetition and failure accumulation are the best predictors of motor relearning. Thus we must have a system that is repetitive in nature while embracing failed attempts (in a safe environment) to activate the neural circuits for heightened neuroplasticity.


Come experience Bachik Methods at REACT!

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